J and J Premier Contrators | Kitchens
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Take advantage of our kitchen special, which starts at only $9995.00

Impress your guests with a fashionable kitchen.

Your kitchen is often the lasting impression that guests will have of your home. It’s also a room that depends on appliances to be in proper working condition every day. Let J & J Premier General Contractors make your kitchen beautiful and efficient with a remodeling and renovation in your Long Island home.

Attractive Design

Even a simple change can completely transform the look of the room. An updated look with a renovation may be just what your personal Long Island kitchen needs.

Efficient Appliances

Kitchen remodeling is the perfect opportunity to bring energy efficient appliances to your Long Island home. Cooking will be a more pleasant experience and you’ll save money on energy bills.

Easier Preparation

When you have a kitchen renovation done by J & J of Long Island, we’ll make sure that the layout allows everything to be within easy access when you’re preparing food.

Common Area

A newly remodeled Long Island kitchen is a great room to designate as a common area, where you can spend time with your family and enjoy your meals together.

Our Kitchen Special Starts At $9995.00!

Starting at only $8995.00, we can completely renovate a 10’ x 12’ Long Island kitchen. White or oak cabinets will be installed, along with laminate countertops that have a few different options. Laminate is a great choice for countertops, thanks to its resistance to stains and other damages.
To accent these countertops, we’ll install laminate flooring as well.

Call Us Today To Get The Kitchen Of Your Dreams!

Your Long Island kitchen remodeling will also include a stainless steel sink, along with a chrome faucet. Finally, we’ll include a tile backsplash to give your kitchen that exciting pop of color. We’re sure that our Long Island kitchen remodeling and renovation special will give you a finished result you’ll truly appreciate.

Description of Kitchen Special:

  • 10’ x 12’ Kitchen
  • White or Oak Cabinets
  • Laminate Countertops with Several Choices
  • Stainless Steel Sink with Chrome Faucet
  • Laminate Floor
  • Tile Backsplash
  • Total Cost of Materials and Labor: Only $9995.00
  • Five Year Warranty!

Get in touch with J & J today for the remodeling of your dreams!

Custom Kitchens

We understand that each homeowner has different requirements for a kitchen. That’s why we can expertly tailor kitchen remodeling and renovation designs to suit your Long Island lifestyle. We offer popular designs such as U-shaped, G-shaped, and L-shaped kitchens, however we are ready to create a unique design just for you and your family. You’ll love being in your kitchen, preparing food and entertaining guests, when you have one that perfectly suits you.

Innovative Designs

Classic white kitchens are always a beloved choice, but J & J can provide you with other exciting designs as well. Kitchen remodeling, refinishing and renovations are a great way to allow your creativity for interior design show, and our Long Island expert designers will help you along the way. We’ve worked on kitchens with modern, country, elegant, and traditional styles, as well as many more.

We’ll meet all of your kitchen needs.