J and J Premier Contrators | Bathrooms
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Completely transform your bathroom into the most relaxing room in your home for only $5295.00!

Let us give you the bathroom of your dreams.

J & J Premier General Contractors prides itself on being a Long Island company with high quality bathroom renovation and refinishing services, along with reasonable prices. That’s why we’re your best choice when you’re looking for a professional bathroom refinishing job on Long Island. Our staff will work within your budget to deliver a new bathroom that you’ll truly love, whether you’d like to take advantage of our specials or have custom work done.

Bathrooms tend to be one of the most common renovations seen in Long Island homes. That’s because they’re used every day and very few things can be more relaxing that a hot shower or bath.

Classic white bathrooms tend to be the most popular choice for bathroom refinishing and renovations on Long Island. However, other more modern styles are starting to become prominent trends as well.

Possibilities are endless when it comes to designing a new bathroom. Whatever style you wish to capture with a bathroom renovation or refinishing, J & J Premier General Contractors of Long Island can achieve it all.

J&J’s Bathroom Special

5′ x 8′ Bathroom

1.  Our Long Island company will remove all fixtures and walls of bathtub area.


2. Supply and Install a white steel tub.


3. Supply and Install a new faucet for the bathtub with a chrome finish.


4. Supply and Install cement board to bathtub area.


5. Supply and Install tile for tub area walls with waterproof vinyl to the ceiling.


6. Supply and Install waterproof  vinyl flooring.


7. Supply and Install a 24” vanity, with a choice of white or oak finish.


8. Supply and Install a cultured marble top for the vanity.


9. Supply and Install a new faucet, p-trap, and basket.


10. Supply and Install a new 1.6 gallon white toilet.


11. Supply and Install a 24” medicine cabinet, with a choice of white or oak finish.


12. Supply and Install floor mouldings.

Total Cost of Long Island Bathroom
Refinishing Materials and Labor:

Only $5,995.00.

Five Year Warranty

If our standard package doesn’t have what you need for a Long Island bathroom renovation refinishing, we can also perform custom work.

Whether you are taking inspiration from a photo, have an original design idea, or perhaps need an expert opinion, our friendly staff will tailor our work to your specifications. Our priority is to meet your needs and ensure that you’re happy with the design for your Long Island bathroom renovation.


Because our technicians are fully trained with years of experience, we guarantee completion in three days along with a five year warranty. We have experience in providing custom work for every kind of bathroom. That’s why you don’t have to worry if your bathroom is small or has an unusual structure; we’ll ensure that we make the most of your space with our expert bathroom renovation and refinishing services on Long Island.

Get in touch with J & J today for the remodeling of your dreams!